So many briefs involving original composition start out with the word, "authentic" that you can begin to take that concept for granted. But with AT&T's latest installment for their "Just Ok" campaign, they absolutely needed the "real thing" to make the joke land. And in this instance, the "real thing" was a legitimate boy-band-style pop song so convincing, you'd assume BBDO and AT&T went out and hired a real band and used a song from their actual record. Lofty expectations, for sure, but fortunately for us, we were up to the challenge. In tapping pop producer/songwriter/vocalist, Nathan Walters, with whom SOUTH has a long history of collaboration, we managed to capture all the magic of creating pop gold, in just a few short days. The end result, an absolute banger, aptly titled "Summertime Lover" not only fit the spot like a glove, but also grew into a viral sensation all its own. The hashtag #dropsummertimelover trended on twitter for weeks, until finally AT&T buckled to the pressure and added the full-length version (oh yes it's a full track!) to their youtube channel. We look forward to many more spots featuring everyone's favorite "just ok" boy-band, 300 Likes. And rest assured, there are many more hits ready to drop.