When W+K called us to work on the score for an upcoming Nike spot, we wholeheartedly agreed. And when that spot happened to focus on the journey of one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Rafael Nadal, we jumped in head first. The spot not only highlighted Nadal as a career player, but as a triumphant force in the sporting world. We knew the score needed to match the visual’s intensity, delicately straddling the line of rhythm and beauty, while not taking the focus away from the visual storyline. It needed a pulse, one that could soundtrack an entire career in just under sixty seconds. After some intense explorations, we found the pulse. And the cherry on top? Nadal had to win the 2019 French Open. So, we set our alarms (remember we’re on French time), became the world’s biggest tennis fans, and cheered Rafa on to another finals victory. Hats (and headbands) off to Nadal for another epic French Open run. It was a thrill and an honor to have partnered with W+K and Nike on such a great piece of work.