A powerful film such as this latest work for Blue Shield of CA needed a truly powerful score to match it. Thankfully, our friends at BSSP had us brainstorming early. The idea was to find a well-known piece of music that felt almost ubiquitous to California, as well as one that could be reimagined as an instrumental and still carry the weight of such a moving film. While we engaged on a deep and exhaustive exploration, we kept coming back to The Mamas and the Papas, 'California Dreamin'. Its recognizability and unrivaled association to the Golden State provided the perfect platform from which to create. And its haunting melody lost nothing when re-interpreted in the context of a solo piano piece. In fact, it only managed to make the film feel more poignant. Once again, the perfect collaboration between our Supervision and Original Production teams led to one of the projects we're most proud of so far in 2019.